Why iDsusco Brand Consultants

Identity sets people apart from each other, and brands apart from the competition. A clear understanding of your brand, embraced internally by all employees, and expressed consistently, in product, service, marketing, and social contribution, will resonate with customers, and distinguish you from others.


  • Everything begins and ends with communication
  • Communication should be clear, simple, and personal
  • Collaboration is essential for quality
  • Ideas should be human-focused, address a need or want, and be inspired by customers
  • Common language should be used to express the complexity of digital marketing and technology
  • Big agency capabilities needn’t come from a big agency
  • Everything begins and ends with communication

iDentity, iDeology, and iDeas

Your online presence (site, social, blog) evaluated four ways: structure, content, participation, and search compatibility are analyzed, and results are presented along with recommendations for improvements. tell me more
Collaborative discussion and independent research designed to determine the current understanding of your brand by executives, leadership, employees, and customers. sounds good
This report shows your company in relation to 3-4 of your competitors that you identify. Digital Audits will be performed, and logo, tagline, mission, and brand promise will be captured for each. need this
Part collaboration and part investigation, this process will help define who your customers are, who they could be, how they behave, what they believe, where they are, the language they use, and the images that appeal to them. The information presented goes far beyond demographics. It will be presented in the form of personas (character profiles). that’s important
A series of collaborative discussions and workshops, plus additional research to help guide a definition, or redefinition, of your brand. Starting with the why, or main central point of your business, brand voice, mission, vision, values, brand promise, and tagline will be created, as well as recommendations for visual updates. I’d like that
For start-ups and restarts, it can be useful to evaluate your brand name in context of others in your category. For new names, the task is expanded to include 2-3 rounds of name choices once a direction is determined. interesting
All of the previous activities combined provide the research, analysis, and insights that lead to the action plan for getting you to where you want to go. The first part of the plan defines and prioritizes your goals, the second part of the plan identifies the actions (tactics) needed to achieve them. Long term goals are achieved one step at a time. We will prioritize recommendations based on immediate needs, effectiveness, and budget to keep you moving forward. so helpful
Tactics are last for a reason. Strategy drives tactics, not the other way around. We can provide you with a first-rate team to execute any of our recommendations, or, we can work as a consultant on your behalf, directing your internal team or one of your choosing. really?

You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.Steve Jobs

Branding Mindset

Small is the new BIG

iDsusco, owned by Darlene Susco, is her latest approach to creating and marketing brands. For over 25 years she has provided strategy, concept, content, and design services for diverse businesses. For the past 5 years she has worked with Digital Surgeons as a partner, in the positions of Vice President of Brand Strategy, and Director of Account Services.

Research, analytics, naming, branding, digital strategy and creative direction are always provided by your in-house, senior iD contact. Design services, copywriting, development, video production, and public relations are sometimes outsourced to other small companies.

This new endeavor replaces the big agency format with an entrepreneurial business model. The flexibility of the assembled team approach means that you are only paying for the expertise needed for your project. Timelines and production are tightly managed by all members of the team. We insist on experience, talent, and accountability in our partners. That combination keeps quality high, and expenses low.

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